We’re a pro-democracy nonprofit that uses strategic litigation to develop the law so that in Wisconsin, democracy includes all of us.

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All eyes on a Supreme Court in Transition

All eyes on a Supreme Court in Transition

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is at a turning point. A new Justice, Janet Protasiewicz, took office on August 1, replacing retiring conservative Justice Patience Roggensack. In the short time since then, the Court’s new majority has changed some administrative rules,...

New WEC Complaint: Peters v. Goergen

In municipalities in which absentee ballots are processed at the polling place, voters should be able to bring their ballots directly to the officials who will count them. But...

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Law Forward has helped protect the rights of voters, ensured democratic laws are enforced, and held fraudulent electors accountable. And we're just getting started!

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Brown v. WEC

On March 1, 2023 Law Forward, on behalf of Black Leaders Organizing Communities (BLOC), moved to intervene in Brown v. WEC, the latest in a long line of attacks access on absentee voting.

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Wisconsin Is Under Assault

Conservative interests have captured our courts, trying to take away freedoms from anyone who does not look like them.

They are attempting to dismantle the values Wisconsinites hold dear.

Together, we can fight

their litigation agenda by:


protecting voting rights, access to the polls, and the fair administration of elections.


enforcing state constitutional requirements and separation of powers.


advancing fair legislative districts and resisting efforts to gerrymander Wisconsin again.


resisting current efforts to revive long-discredited legal doctrines.