We’re a pro-democracy nonprofit that uses strategic litigation to develop the law so that in Wisconsin, democracy includes all of us.

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The State of our Democracy

Law Forward was joined by Gov. Evers and U.S. Senator Cory Booker, discussed the fight to protect and expand our democracy here in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s history. Our story. Your impact.

Law Forward has helped protect the rights of voters, ensured democratic laws are enforced, and held fraudulent electors accountable. And we're just getting started!

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Wisconsinites rights protected

31,854 VOTERS

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Our Work

League of Women Voters of Wis. v. WEC

On September 30, 2022, Law Forward – with the Fair Elections Center – filed a complaint on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin in Dane County Circuit Court, seeking both clarity and protection for absentee voters whose ballots have technical defects.

Michael White et al v. Wisconsin Elections Commission

In White v. Wisconsin Elections Commission, two individual plaintiffs and the Republican Party of Waukesha County challenged longstanding guidance from the Wisconsin Elections Commission that permitted municipal clerks and their staffs to cure minor errors in witness addresses on absentee ballot certificates.

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Moore v. Harper

In Archambault v. Wisconsin Elections Commission, a plaintiff in Waukesha County filed a lawsuit challenging WEC’s authority to issue any guidance to help Wisconsin’s elections run smoothly.

Wisconsin Is Under Assault

Conservative interests have captured our courts, trying to take away freedoms from anyone who does not look like them.

They are attempting to dismantle the values Wisconsinites hold dear.

Together, we can fight

their litigation agenda by:


protecting voting rights, access to the polls, and the fair administration of elections.


enforcing state constitutional requirements and separation of powers.


advancing fair legislative districts and resisting efforts to gerrymander Wisconsin again.


resisting current efforts to revive long-discredited legal doctrines.