Recent reporting that the U.S. Supreme Court Justices are adopting a code of ethics is an acknowledgement of growing public pressure calling for accountability on ethics breaches by certain members of the court, and the overwhelming public dissatisfaction with the court’s removal of long-standing rights.

Right-wing activist, Leonard Leo, has manipulated the judiciary – which we’ve written about before – and this announcement of an unenforceable “code of ethics” for SCOTUS leaves us wondering if this is just a PR stunt to try to avoid Leo being subpoenaed by Congress.

Leo’s involvement has opened many doors – and pockets – allowing billionaires to buy our nation’s highest Judges, including the Justices on the Supreme Court.

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The “code” as announced is unenforceable, in many cases weakens instead of strengthens existing federal ethics laws, and is woefully inadequate in taking any steps to change the Justices’ behavior.

As noted in NPR’s story on the proposed “code,” “With 53 uses of the word ‘should’ and only 6 of the word ‘must,’ the court’s new ‘code of ethics’ reads a lot more like a friendly suggestion than a binding, enforceable guideline.”

But the unenforceable “code” Chief Justice Roberts announced cannot – and we must not let it – override the obligations of federal law.

We continue to call for an ethics code that will hold SCOTUS Justices to the same ethical standards as other federal judges, as the Supreme Court is currently “an anomoly in America’s justice system; other judges have to adhere to strict, enforceable ethics rules.”

Join us in calling for a true ethics code of conduct so the American people never have to question if the decisions coming from our highest Court are driven by personal gain or fringe ideologies.