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Gov. Tony Evers holds up the bill after signing it Monday, Feb. 19, 2024, at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, Wis.


February 19, '24

Evers signs new maps into law, effectively ending Wisconsin redistricting lawsuit

Wisconsin capitol building with fall green, red and yellow leaves on the trees surrounding it


February 1, '24

Consultants find GOP, conservative maps ‘partisan gerrymanders,’ Dem plans largely meet court criteria

wisconsin state capitol with a snowy backdrop outside

CBS News Minnesota

January 15, '24

Wisconsin Republicans' large majorities to shrink under new legislative maps, analysis finds

close up photo of a signature line on a form


January 3, '24

'Attacks, challenges, barriers': Lawfirm predicts more voting access lawsuits to come

red background with white state of wisconsin outline and a radio tower over that

CBS News

January 2, '24

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has thrown out the GOP-drawn district maps. That could mean a huge change for the purple state

red background with white state of wisconsin outline and a radio tower over that

Civic Media

December 26, '23

2023 Year in Review: Democracy in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Supreme Court listens to arguments from Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General inside the courtroom

Yahoo News

December 22, '23

Wisconsin Supreme Court orders new legislative maps in redistricting case brought by Democrats

blue background with As Goes Wisconsin Radio logo in white and red front and center

As Goes Wisconsin Radio

December 18, '23

As Goes Wisconsin Radio-LIVE

Orange background with silhouette of Donald Trump in black with an american flag painted on

MSNBC: Prosecuting Donald Trump Podcast

December 12, '23

Listen Now: Ten fake Donald Trump electors settled a civil lawsuit ...

people gathered around a table inside the capitol

The Washington Post

December 6, '23

Wisconsin Trump electors settle lawsuit, agree Biden won in 2020

Debra Cronmiller, Jeff Mandell, Rick Esenberg and Joe Handrick sit on a Wispolitics panel

Wisconsin Examiner

December 1, '23

Republicans, fair maps advocates debate future of maps after redistricting lawsuit

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz holding her glasses


November 20, '23

A Wisconsin redistricting case centers on voter 'islands' and could lead to new maps

man and woman outside holding signs that talk about ending gerrymandering

The Guardian

November 20, '23

‘Deliberate and anti-democratic’: Wisconsin grapples with partisan gerrymandering

Screenshot of video showing Supreme Court of wisconsin judges inside courtroom

WISN 12 News

November 19, '23

UPFRONT: Maps arguments Tuesday

Screenshot from article showing title and map background


November 17, '23

Wisconsin’s Legislative Maps Are Bizarre, but Are They Illegal?

Wisconsin State Supreme Courtroom


October 30, '23

Wisconsin voters continue fight for fair legislative maps in Wisconsin Supreme Court

voting booths that show the American flag on them

Yale Law School

October 27, '23

Around the Country, Liman Fellows Work for Democracy

Lady Forward Statue at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison


October 9, '23

Law Forward: Statement

Jeff Mandell sitting in the middle of two women speaking on a stage in a screenshot from a video

National Press Foundation

September 29, '23

Wisconsin Maps Are Cases of ‘Extreme Partisan Gerrymander.’ What’s Next?

Janet Protasiewicz is raising her hand being sworn in as a State Supreme Court Justice at the Wisconsin State Capitol


September 23, '23

Wisconsin’s Republicans Went to Extremes in Gerrymandering. Now They’re Scrambling to Protect That Power.

State Rep Jimmy Anderson smiles while sitting in wheelchair

AP News

August 12, '23

Lawsuit targets Wisconsin legislative districts resembling Swiss cheese

Former President Donald Trump arrives at a rally, Aug. 5, 2022, in Waukesha, Wis.

AP News

August 10, '23

Wisconsin judge allows civil case against fake Trump electors to proceed

Screenshot of video from CBS Minnesota Logo

CBS News Minnesota

August 5, '23

Wisconsin judge orders the release of records sought from fake Trump elector

Law Forward co-founder and attorney Jeff Mandell discusses a lawsuit

PBS Wisconsin

August 4, '23

Jeff Mandell on the redistricting lawsuit, Trump indictment

Justice Janet Protasiewicz walking


August 3, '23

America’s worst gerrymander may soon finally die

Group of people gathered at the capitol

The New York Times

August 2, '23

Left-Leaning Wisconsin Groups Challenge the State’s Political Maps

Janet Protasiewicz, center, is sworn in on Tuesday as a new Wisconsin supreme court justice.

The Guardian

August 2, '23

Wisconsin lawsuit urges state to strike down Republican-drawn electoral maps

two Law Forward attorneys pose in front of a white desk with intern

State Bar of Wisconsin

August 2, '23

Diversity Clerkship Program Jump-starts Legal Careers

Janet Protasiewicz speaks to supporters

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

August 2, '23

Lawsuit challenging Wisconsin's legislative maps filed at the state Supreme Court

A yard sign in Mellen, Wisconsin reads: “This Time Wisconsin Deserves Fair Maps,” paid for by the Fair Elections Project

Wisconsin Examiner

August 2, '23

Lawsuit against legislative maps filed at Wisconsin Supreme Court

Demonstrators call for an end to gerrymandering at a 2001 rally at the state Capitol.

The Cap Times

August 2, '23

Gerrymandering petition filed with Wisconsin Supreme Court

Logo for WTMJ Nights in white and neon pink

WTMJ Nights

July 20, '23

Jeff Mandell on the new Wisconsin Supreme Court

capitol building


June 29, '23

Nicole Safar and Matt Rothschild: The American Judiciary Faces A Legitimacy Crisis

Janet Protasiewicz speaks to supporters after defeating Dan Kelly to win Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

June 29, '23

U.S. Supreme Court ruling keeps open possibility of legal challenge to Wisconsin's congressional maps

person putting ballot into drop box


June 08, '23

States have introduced nearly 200 bills this year to 'subvert' elections, report finds

Screenshot from Dane County Court System Zoom


May 24, '23

Jury trial in Wisconsin fake electors case scheduled for shortly before 2024 presidential election

Former President Donald Trump arrives at a rally, Aug. 5, 2022, in Waukesha, Wis.

AP News

May 15, '23

Wisconsin judge allows for lawsuit against fake Trump electors to proceed

Recount observers watch ballots during a Milwaukee hand recount of Presidential votes at the Wisconsin Center

AP News

May 08, '23

Judge: Wisconsin fake electors complaint must be reheard

Janet Protasiewicz speaks at her election night party in Milwaukee

LA Times

April 10, '23

Editorial: Wisconsin voters made it clear they want their abortion rights back

signs about gerrymandering laying against a wall

The Cap Times

April 06, '23

Liberal law firm to argue gerrymandering violates Wisconsin Constitution

Janet Protasiewicz at her election night watch party in Milwaukee.

The Guardian

April 05, '23

Liberal judge wins Wisconsin supreme court election, flipping ideological balance

inside the Wisconsin Supreme Court


Mar 31, '23

Abortion, Drug, Medicaid Policies at Stake in WI Supreme Court Election

illustration of hand drawing red line on street

The New Yorker

Mar 28, '23

A High-Stakes Election in the Midwest’s “Democracy Desert”

 people packed the Capitol with sign that says 'voters decide'

Wisconsin Examiner

Mar 15, '23

Concerned about gerrymandering in Wisconsin? Keep an eye on North Carolina.

people in court


Mar 03, '23

"Shambolic" GOP election review: Michael Gableman issued another ethics complaint

Wisconsin State Flag waving in the wind

Wisconsin Examiner

Feb 17, '23

How the Democracy Principle could redeem the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Map of Wisconsin District before and after redistricting

Madison 365

Dec 06, '22

Wisconsin’s Assembly maps are more skewed than ever. What happens now?

Wisconsin Capitol interior

Wisconsin Examiner

Nov 21, '22

‘Electoral ground zero’: majority at stake in Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Abortion protestors holding signs

Mother Jones

Oct 28, '22

The Path to Restoring Abortion Access in Wisconsin Hinges on the November Midterms

Photo of voting sign on sidewalk

Wisconsin Examiner

Oct 17, '22

Who’s behind all the election administration lawsuits?

photo of inside the capitol

KPVI 6 News

Oct 09, '22

Questions mount over how Wisconsin constitutional amendment ballot questions are posed

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sep 30, '22

2 lawsuits argue election clerks should be allowed to accept absentee ballots with incomplete witness addresses

Ballot Box

NBC News

Sep 21, '22

Dozens of Trump’s phony electors, many under investigation, still hold powerful GOP jobs in key states

Disabled woman in wheelchair

Wisconsin State Journal

Sep 15, '22

While disabled win on voting help in Wisconsin, legal fights continue elsewhere

Video screenshot showing voting booth


Sep 09, '22

Americans with disabilities fight for access as states enforce restrictive voting laws

screenshot of video showing american flag with

Channel 3000

Sep 09, '22

Judge: disabled Wisconsin voters can receive help voting

screenshot of audio recording showing audio wave


Aug 25, '22

Updated Report Flags Proposed Bills In Wisconsin As “Election Subversion"

screenshot of video showing disabled man in wheelchair

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Aug 24, '22

Judge signals he'll require clerks to allow others to hand in ballots from Wisconsin disabled voters

yellow mail-in ballots inside of mailbox

Wisconsin Examiner

Aug 19, '22

U.S. DOJ intervenes on behalf of disabled voters in lawsuit to protect absentee ballot assistance

screenshot of news video showing quote from Dane County District Attorney

Channel 3000

Jul 28, '22

Group renews call for Dane Co. DA to investigate Wisconsin’s alternate electors

Protestors outside of the US Capitol

Wisconsin State Journal

Jul 28, '22

Have Wisconsin’s fake electors been subpoenaed? If not, ‘it would be surprising

Man putting ballot into drop box

New York Times

Jul 26, '22

Disabled Voters Sue Wisconsin Over Absentee Ballot Rule Change

photo of voting booth

Jul 23, '22

Federal lawsuit claims Elections Commission, Wisconsin high court could disenfranchise disabled voters

screen shot of Jeff Mandell on David Pakman show

The David Pakman Show

Jul 06, '22

Jeff Mandell appeared on The David Pakman Show to discuss the civil complaint against the fraudulent electors.

photo of voting booth

Washington Post

Jun 25, '22

After Wis. Supreme Court absentee ballot decision, disabled people sue

Lake Effect on WUWM logo

WUWM 89.7

Jun 22, '22

Wednesday on Lake Effect: Wisconsin's fake elector lawsuit

Ron Johnson and Mike Pence boarding plane

Wisconsin Examiner

Jun 21, '22

Sen. Ron Johnson tried to transmit Wisconsin’s fake electoral votes

photo of voting booth

ABC 7 News

Jun 15, '22

Voters with disabilities fight for absentee ballots as states curtail ballot boxes

Jeff Mandell interview on WTTW tv


Jun 13, '22

Electoral College Lawsuit: Complaint Accuses Fake Electors of Filing Bogus Paperwork

photo of people voting from TMJ4 News at 5photo of voting booth

TMJ4 News

Jun 09, '22

Lawsuit seeks fines for Wisconsin electors who tried to declare Trump victory in 2020

photo of crowd at Jan 6 insurrection


Jun 08, '22

How to Prevent the Next Insurrection – One Lawsuit at a Time

photo of USA Today White House correspondent Rebecca Morin talking

USA Today

May 19, '22

Voter 'subversion': Trump Republicans push laws to make it easier to change elections, per report

MSNBC screenshot, headline is WI Electoral College delegates sue fake electors and trump lawyer


May 18, '22

Wisconsin electors' lawsuit is a road map to preventing election subversion scheme

photo of people at voting place


May 17, '22

Fake Wisconsin Trump Electors, Already Under DOJ Investigation, Now Face Civil Suit, Too

photo of woman in wheelchair


May 10, '22

Wisconsin voters with disabilities say their right to vote is at risk

WPR 050522_photo of man holding sign Fair Maps Now


May 05, '22

Wisconsin groups shift legal focus to new legislative district maps

Bob Spindell

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Apr 18, '22

Union wants a judge to throw out a finding that Republican fake electors from Wisconsin violated no laws

screenshot of Channel 3 video, headline is WI Supreme Court adopts GOP maps

Channel 3000

Apr 15, '22

Wisconsin Supreme Court adopts Republican-authored legislative maps, reversing earlier approval of Evers’ maps

inside WI state Capitol

Wisconsin Examiner

Apr 12, '22

Unanimous state Supreme Court affirms Racine’s spring 2020 referendum results

screenshot of video with WI district map

NBC 15 News

Mar 23, '22

Under ‘time pressure,’ Wis. Supreme Court to get back to work on redistricting

Trump supporter holding Wisconsin flag

Rolling Stone

Feb 06, '22

Wisconsin Is Ground Zero for the MAGA Effort to Steal the Next Election

photo of Dane County Courthouse


Feb 02, '22

Dane County judge rules immigrants' rights group can join subpoenas

Documents of fake electors and image of trump at podium

Up North News

Feb 02, '22

What To Know About Wisconsin Republicans’ Fake 2020 Electors

photo of people reviewing fake electors


Jan 28, '22

What you need to know about the fake Trump electors

photo of Joe Biden speaking

Wisconsin Examiner

Jan 27, '22

U.S. Justice Dept. to investigate Republicans who sent fake Trump electors to Congress

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, headline is Attys warn they will take case over fake electors to court if WI officials don't act soon

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Jan 26, '22

Attorneys warn they will take case over fake electors to court if Wisconsin

Screenshot of ABC12 news video, headline is fake electors investigation


Jan 26, '22

Wisconsin Republicans sent fake electoral college certifications for Trump

photo of drop box

The Cap Times

Jan 20, '22

Law Forward appeals judge’s order barring Wisconsin ballot drop boxes

WI supreme court

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Jan 19, '22

Wisconsin Supreme Court focuses on Voting Rights Act in redistricting

photo inside the WI Supreme Court

Wisconsin Examiner

Jan 19, '22

Supreme Court hears oral arguments in redistricting case

photo of people at protest

The Guardian

Dec 23, '21

Report shows the extent of Republican efforts to sabotage democracy

MSNBC screen shot, headline is head of GOP election audit has filed lawsuits to force green bay, madison officials to testify


Dec 21, '21

The Rachel Maddow Show. Guests: Jeffrey Mandell

box of ballots from cudahy wards 4,5,6

Washington Post

Dec 16, '21

Wisconsin emerges as front line in war over the 2020 vote

photo of VOTE sign

Fox 6 News

Dec 22, '21

Wisconsin lawsuit seeks voter reinstatement for 31K after purge

Interior of WI state capitol with large VOTERS DECIDE letters

Wisconsin Examiner

Nov 09, '21

After heated debate Senate passes GOP voting maps

photo of capitol with trees

WDET 101.9 FM

Oct 25, '21

Why It’s Time to Reform the Filibuster, According to Two Scholars

Screenshot of PBS WI video, headline is the integrity of electoral voters

PBS Wisconsin

Dec 03, '21

The integrity of electoral voters

Michael Gableman speaking outside at podium

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Oct 06, '21

Gableman tells officials he plans to subpoena 5 Wisconsin mayors in election review

photo of male boxer

Wisconsin Examiner

Sep 28, '21

Taking a swing at gerrymandering, Republicans give themselves a black eye.

photo of Michael Gableman

PBS Wisconsin

Oct 11, '21

Gableman extends messaging effort in new video as subpoena plans remain unclear

photo of Wisconsin capitol

Wisconsin State Journal

Sep 17, '21

Federal court allows redistricting case brought by Democrats to move forward

AP article, headline is Federal Court allows WI redistricting case to proceed

AP News

Sep 16, '21

Federal court allows Wisconsin redistricting case to proceed

empty courtroom with closeup of gavel

Wisconsin Examiner

Sep 23, '21

State and federal courts are both set to draw voting maps - now what?

photo of voting booth

Wisconsin Examiner

Sep 07, '21

Court battles over Wisconsin redistricting heat up

photo of Wisconsin capitol

Wisconsin State Journal

Aug 25, '21

Republican lawmakers seek to intervene in redistricting lawsuit brought by liberal groups

photo of voting booth

Wisconsin Examiner

Sep 13, '21

Safar takes the helm at Law Forward

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, headline is two more redistricting lawsuits have been filed in WI as conservatives and liberals mount a legal battle over election maps

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Aug 23, '21

Redistricting lawsuits filed in Wisconsin as conservatives and liberals mount a legal battle

ABC News article, headline is 10 new state laws shift power over elections to partisan entities

ABC News

Aug 16, '21

10 new state laws shift power over elections to partisan entities

AP article, headline is Conservatives file redistricting lawsuit in WI

ABC News

Aug 23, '21

Conservatives file redistricting lawsuit in Wisconsin

Screenshot of Fox 6 news video, headline is WI absentee ballot drop box fight

Fox 6 News

Jul 14, '21

Wisconsin absentee ballot drop box fight

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan

The Washington Post

Jul 12, '21

Republicans now stand for lawlessness and disorder

entrance to WI supreme court

Wisconsin Examiner

Jul 29, '21

The Organized Takeover of Wisconsin Courts

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, headline is Lawsuit seeks to end the use of absentee ballot drop boxes in WI

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Jun 28, '21

Lawsuit seeks to end the use of absentee ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin

entrance to WI supreme court

CBS Minnesota

Jun 09, '21

Wisconsin Senate Passes Bills Making It Harder To Vote

man in mask puts ballot in Safe Vote Milwaukee drop box

The Epoch Times

Jun 29, '21

Wisconsin Elections Commission Sued Over Ballot Drop Boxes

Robin Vos and two others

Wisconsin Examiner

Jun 01, '21

Wisconsin Republicans using a ‘back door’ to extend the Scott Walker era

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, headline is WI Republicans seek to limit the use of private donations to help run elections

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

May 11, '21

Wisconsin Republicans seek to limit the use of private donations to help run elections

WI state capitol from 1 block away

Wisconsin Examiner

Jun 08, '21

Redistricting debate begins with a rushed GOP plan in the Legislature

illustration of hands attempting to put ballot in box that is taped shut and surrounded with barbed wire

Up North News

May 07, '21

Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers Have Introduced 11 Restrictive Voting Bills, Analysis Finds

graphic arm putting ballot in box through maze

Wisconsin Examiner

May 03, '21

Proposed Wisconsin elections laws could be illegal

Shepherd News article, headline is Restoring Democracy in WI, off the cuff with Law Forward's Jeff Mandell

Shepherd News

May 11, '21

Restoring Democracy in Wisconsin

someone writing on paper

Wisconsin Examiner

Feb 16, '21

The voter fraud you didn’t hear about: Wisconsin’s Electoral College imposters

Photo of Wisconsin Supreme Court

Wisconsin Examiner

Jan 15, '21

Justices skeptical of conservative redistricting proposal

photo of Doug and Jeff


Mar 10, '21

Law Forward takes on WILL

photo of voting booth

AP News

Jan 13, '21

Wisconsin Supreme Court focuses on redistricting

Screenshot of ABC news video, headline is Trump files new case in lawsuit barrage, looking to WI legislature to flip outcome

ABC News

Dec 02, '20

Trump files new case in lawsuit barrage, looking to Wisconsin's legislature to flip outcome

photo of Wisconsin capitol

Wisconsin State Journal

Oct 23, '20

Progressive law firm founded as foil to Wisconsin conservatives

photo of Jeff and Doug

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Oct 23, '20

Law Forward is a new law firm meant to push back against conservatives

photo of woman counting ballots

Washington Post

Nov 22, '20

Trump campaign tries to invalidate thousands of votes as WI recount gets underway

photo of lady justice


Oct 22, '20

Wisconsin Progressives Forming Nonprofit Law Firm With Election, Redistricting On Horizon


New York Times

Oct 22, '20

Progressive lawyers in Wisconsin take a page from the right’s playbook, and organize.

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Press Releases

2/19/24 – VICTORY: Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Signs Fair, Constitutional State Legislative Maps Into Law Before 2024 Election

2/9/24 – Wisconsin Voters File Response to Independent Consultants Report in Fair Maps Case

1/12/24 – Wisconsin Voters Claim Victory in Fight for Fair Legislative Maps

12/6/23 – Wisconsin’s 2020 Fraudulent Electors Acknowledge Their Votes Were Used in Effort to Undermine a Presidential Election, Settle with Plaintiffs 

11/21/23 – Wisconsin Voters Fight for Fair Legislative Maps in Oral Argument at Wisconsin Supreme Court

10/16/23 – Wisconsin Voters Continue Fight for Fair Legislative Maps in Wisconsin Supreme Court

9/21/23 – Win for Wisconsin Voters in Werner v. Dankmeyer Case to Protect Student Voting Rights

8/2/23 – Wisconsin Voters File Challenge to Wisconsin Gerrymandered Legislative Maps

2/10/23 – Penebaker v. Hitt Press Release

05/17/22 – Fraudulent Electors Press Release

9/09/21 – Nicole Safar To Helm Law Forward

8/23/21 – Nonpartisan Groups And Voters File Redistricting Challenge In Federal Court

7/02/21 – U.S. Supreme Court Lets Arizona Anti-Voter Measures Stand, Throwing Remaining Protections Of The Voting Rights Act Into Doubt

5/14/21 – Law Forward On Supreme Court Rejection Of Redistricting Rulemaking Petition

5/06/21 – Wisconsin Legislature Looks At Election Bills: What’s At Stake In The May Floor Period

4/01/21 – Law Forward Represents Members Of The Wisconsin Voting Rights Coalition In Last-Minute State Supreme Court Challenge To Absentee Voting

2/16/21 – Fraudulent Electors Convene To Cast State’s Electoral Votes Contrary To Popular Vote And State Statutes, Law Forward Seeks Accountability

12/21/20 – Former Wisconsin Chief Justice Abrahamson Remembered As Not Only A First, But A First-Rate Legal Mind

12/21/20 – Law Forward Speaks Out On Threats Against Wisconsin Judges

10/20/20 – Wisconsin Progressives Launch Effort To Reverse Assaults On Democracy Through The Courts