When does redistricting actually happen in Wisconsin?

It may feel like everyone is talking about fair maps, gerrymanders, and redistricting lately. They are. Redistricting in 2021 is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to put community needs over political interests, ensure “one person one vote” rings true for all no matter what zip code they live in, where they come from, or who they vote for, and fight for fair maps that make our communities whole.

Written in clear and plain English, this comprehensive report focuses on Wisconsin redistricting and:

  • Discusses the abuse of the system through partisan gerrymandering.

  • Explains the process by which Wisconsin makes its redistricting decisions.

  • Details the legal and constitutional issues raised by redistricting, including how some schemes undermine fundamental principles such as “one person, one vote.”

  • Provides a timeline for the redistricting process.

  • Includes a glossary to explain some of the less-familiar terms, as well as a list of resources.

Law Forward Redistricting 101 PDF