Sickel v. WEC et al.


In this case, filed April 14, 2022, we are seeking a declaration from the Court that Commissioner Spindell should have been excluded from deciding a complaint we filed at the Wisconsin Elections Commission that named him personally as one of the respondents. No one should get to be their own judge and jury. Commissioner Spindell’s participation in that process violated the due process rights of our client, Paul Sickel of SEIU Wisconsin State Council.

We represented Mr. Sickel in his complaint to WEC, in which we asked the Commission to take action to hold Wisconsin’s ten fraudulent electors in the 2020 election accountable.

On May 9, 2023 Judge Remington ordered that the Wisconsin Elections Commission reconsider the complaint with Spindell recused. Spindell is a key participant in the fake electors scheme and manipulated his position of power to serve as judge and jury of his own behavior. This was unconstitutional, and the order today confirmed it. On behalf of our client, we applaud this victory for protecting our democracy.  

Case Timeline


January 19, 2023

We filed our opening merits brief in Sickel v. WEC, asking the Court to find that the Wisconsin Elections Commission and Commissioner Robert Spindell violated our client Paul Sickel’s constitutional right to due process. Mr. Sickel’s complaint asked the Commission to investigate Mr. Spindell and the nine other fraudulent electors who tried to submit electoral votes for Donald Trump in 2020. We asked for Commissioner Spindell to be recused from considering the complaint, but he refused. As a matter of law and of common sense, Commissioner Spindell’s participation in deciding the complaint was fundamentally unfair. We’re asking the Court to vacate the agency’s decision and remand it.

April 14, 2022

Petition filed.

May 9, 2023

Judge Remington ordered Spindell to recuse himself and the Wisconsin Elections Commission to reconsider the complaint.

Good Governance

Dane County Circuit Court