In a historic victory for Wisconsin voters, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers signed into law Wisconsin’s first non-gerrymandered maps in over a decade. They ensure that Wisconsinites will vote in constitutional state legislative districts in time for the 2024 election. According to the analysis of the Court’s neutral consultants, respected leaders in their field, these maps meet constitutional requirements and are politically neutral. This means, for the first time since 2011, Wisconsin voters will have a meaningful say in who controls the statehouse.

Today’s development follows the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision in December 2023 striking down Wisconsin’s non-contiguous state legislative maps as unconstitutional in Clarke v. WEC. Parties in the case submitted maps for consideration by the Court, 

Gerrymandering has a long history in Wisconsin, but thanks to the 19 voters who bravely took action in our case, the gerrymander that has stifled voters’ voices for over a decade has been broken.

Wisconsinites deserve an equal voice in electing the leaders whose decisions impact our lives – but that’s not what happened with the maps in 2021. Instead, some politicians picked their voters by carving up our communities and ensuring a few voices drown out the needs and beliefs of the majority. 

The adopted maps represent a massive win for democracy, respect communities, and give a voice to Wisconsinites who have been silenced for far too long by gerrymandered maps deliberately designed to drown them out. These maps give all Wisconsinites – no matter where they live in the state or which party they support –a fair shot to make their voice heard in 2024.